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February Young Adult Box - One Time Purchase


Product Description

📚 BOOK HINTS:⁠ 🔪 HORROR, 🔮 FANTASY, 📖 RETELLING⁠ Our protagonist hasn't spoken with her family since they sent her away to boarding school. All she remembers of them is that they always looked at her like a freak. She decides to confront them, but her grandmother saw in the cards that she was on her way and her entire family was waiting. A death rocks the fragile family, so she calls for assistance from her other grandmother across the sea. This grandma brings order to the family, but that order soon turns to chaos. To hold onto her strange family, the protagonist must join forces with the ghost of a relative to confront all the monsters lurking within her family... and herself.⁠ This is probably one of the coolest, most unique books we've ever read. It was a thrill ride from start to finish!⁠ ⁠ ✨ FANDOM HINTS:⁠ This box will include items inspired by 🥀 A Curse So Dark & Lonely, 🏹 From Ash & Blood, ☠️ Kinder Poison, 🔥 Legendborn, & 🏫 Monday's Not Coming⁠ ⁠ 🧴 PRODUCT HINTS:⁠ This box will contain some awesome products! There are three, full-sized self-care products, an item for your kitchen that comes in a pair, and something to help keep the nightmares away....⁠

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