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CURRENT BOX: September

September theme reveals & information

September's Adult Fiction Theme: TRANSFORMATION

For many, September marks the transition to autumn. With workloads picking up and the slow days of summer winding down, it's more important than ever to focus on self-care. 2020 has been a year that has tested us all, and many of us have had some sort of transformation...
Unplugged's September (Anniversary) box will focus on this idea.


September's Adult Fiction book of the month is a gripping suspense set in a Brooklyn neighborhood. As the neighborhood our protagonist has loved her whole life begins rapidly changing, she and her neighbor start researching what might really be going on. What they discover is as strange as any conspiracy theory, but the gentrification of their neighborhood just might be true...
Fans of Lisa Jewell, Shari Lapena, and Darcey Bell will enjoy this title.


This month will feature a gorgeous, full-sized candle, two fabric items, two additional self-care goodies, and a novelty item to use with one of your self-care goodies!

Fandoms : The Name of the Wind, Gilmore Girls, Dreamcatcher, Greek Mythology, Jane Austen

September's YOUNG ADULT FICTION Theme is:


September. The beginning of a new season. The start of busy-season. There is no better time than begin reinventing the way you approach the things you want to become and the things you wish to achieve. We must look at ourselves in a new way to make positive changes, and Unplugged Book Box will focus on this idea for the month of September.


September's book of the month has important social themes touching on love and innocence in a masterful way. A young woman wakes up with blood on her hands, and no one has more questions than her. With dreams of becoming a singer, our protagonist is spotted by an R&B artist at an audition. Becoming a star is nothing like what she expects as the artist who originally discovered her shows his rage and becomes controlling. All signs point to her as the killer.
Fans of Elizabeth Acevedo, Ellen Hopkins, and Angie Thomas will enjoy this book.


September's anniversary box has gone all out with a large fabric item, two self-care goodies you can use in the shower or bath, a self-care novelty item with a self-care goodie to go with it!

FANDOMS: Midnight Sun, Sailor Moon, Winterwood, The Poet X, and an item that is inspired by multiple fandoms!