What's in the box?

Each Young Adult Box Will Contain:

One exciting, hardcover NEW RELEASE Young Adult or New Adult book published within 60 days of shipment! (We hand-select each title after reading in advance.) 

*New Adult books is a subgenre of YA that will feature a protagonist that is age 18+

 ☆ High-quality self-care goodies provided by small businesses. Each item inside the box will tie into the month’s theme and each box is seasonally inspired to help you live in the moment! Items in our box will be customized and exclusive to Unplugged Book Box.

Activities to help you unplug & reflect.

Whenever possible, many of the books will be signed or have a signed book plate!



Each Adult Fiction Box Will Contain:

One NEW RELEASE Adult Fiction book published within 60 days of shipment! Books will be in hardcover OR paperback.

Quality, self-care & novelty products inspired by adult fiction novels. They will be related to the theme and will be seasonally inspired. Unplugged Book Box is proud to support small businesses in our Adult Fiction box as well!

Exclusive activities designed for the month's theme.

Signed books or signed bookplates whenever possible.

September 2018 "Keep Your Head Above Water" Box

📷Photo Credit: bookswrotemystory (instagram)

October 2018 "Things Are Not What They Seem" Box

📷Photo Credit: novelknight (instagram)

NOVEMBER 2018 "Home Is Where The Heart Is" Box

📷Photo Credit: GRUMPLSTILTSKIN (instagram)

DECEMBER 2018 "Slow Down" Box

📷Photo Credit: BLISSFULLYBOOKIN (instagram)