All the information you need about the October Young Adult & Adult Fiction boxes.

October boxes are on sale September 1st-30th and will ship between October 2nd-7th.

Our October Young Adult Theme Is:

Violence can take on many meanings. While the focus of our YA October Box is mostly on Halloween and horror, we also want to open discussion for the violence we create for ourselves in our thoughts and actions towards ourselves. Violent actions are not always physical and sometimes take the form of negative self-talk. Our focus this month will, of course, be on Halloween, but we want this box to also inspire you towards more positive self-imagery and self-understanding.

October Boxes are among are most popular of the year and they are personal favorite to plan. If you love all things dark and delightful, this box is for you!

Each year, the people in this novel's small town have a hunger for violence; or at least, that is the excuse. Our protagonist's mother was brutally murdered the previous year, leaving her to believe that maybe there is some truth to this rumor in the form of force infecting the town. Meanwhile, she is assigned partners with her crush's nemesis and learns all kinds of new secrets. The truth about her mother becomes apparent, and she must face some hard realities about those she trusts.
This book has high early reviews and we personally could not put it down. It was thrilling and creepy and fun - the perfect book for spooky season!
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This month, we have some of our favorite thrilling and chilling fandoms to make this spooky box perfect for the season!
Fandoms include:
The Craft, Nightmare Before Christmas, House of Hollow, Poe, and more TBA!

As this month's book is a paperback, we are including some extra special, large products to accompany your book! We have the next collectible in our seasonal roller perfumes in this box as well as several other, yummy self-care goodies. There is something to eat and something to wear as well! Plus, we have lots more exciting items we will reveal soon...

The October Adult Fiction Theme Is:

We're thrilled to announce this eerie theme for our October Adult Fiction Box! It is no secret that life is often overwhelming and it can feel like our walls are closing in on us. Sometimes, things become way too overwhelming and we need to take a step back to gain perspective. This box will focus on this idea with a nod to Halloween and all things dark & spooky!

After losing her husband on 9/11, our protagonist has barely scraped by as an actress trying to raise her daughter. At first, her plan to become a medium is all about scamming innocent people in order to pay her bills; but when the seances become more and more real, things start to get terrifying. While her daughter is in the hospital, our protagonist feels the walls close in more and more with the voices of the dead. She realizes she is not as alone as she thought...
This book is an un-put-downable thrill ride that will keep you up all night.
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The fandoms this month include:
Sleepy Hollow, Mexican Gothic, Stephen King, and MORE TBA!

This month, we have a gorgeous and unique candle, a few items we have never featured before, and some gorgeous self-care products that smell divine! If you're a fan of all things dark & spooky, you're going to love this box.