All the information you  need about  JUNE Young Adult & Adult Fiction boxes.

April boxes are on sale from May 1st-31st and will ship between June 2nd-8th.



The May Young Adult Theme is:


HYPNOTIC; adjective
-of, producing, or relating to hypnosis.
-the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction.

This month's June box is certainly hypnotic. The state of hypnosis may be controversial, but many swear of its benefits in tapping into the unconscious mind to overcome fears, addictions, mental health struggles, and more. Our June YA Box will focus on books and characters that are hypnotic and allow you to lose yourself into their worlds, escaping in the best possible way!

This month's book is fantastic. It will go straight to the top of your "best books of 2021" list. This debut author received a seven-figure book deal - for good reason!

Money and perfection pave the way at a private, exclusive academy... until now. Two students become the target of an anonymous texter who brings all their dark secrets to light. A musician buries himself in his music, but it's hard to get too involved when his private photos are in the spotlight. A head girl always gets what she wants, but when it's revealed what she's done to get power, her reputation is threatened. It's much more than a high school game...
Fans of The Grace Year, Sadie, and Gossip Girl will love this book!

Girls of Paper & Fire, Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, Cemetery Boys, & MORE TBA!

This month, we have seven products! All of these goodies are geared towards summer. We have a never-before-featured in a monthly box large fabric item, some delightfully scented self-care goodies, and something you can use when you travel or hit the pool/beach! Everything is usable and can be appreciated whether or not you are familiar with the fandoms.



The June 2021 Adult Box Theme is:

The Adult Fiction Theme focuses on the idea of DESTINY.

-the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.
-the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate.

What is your destiny? Each of us have a love or passion for something. We all have duties and responsibilities. We all have an identity. How do these things mash together to deliver our destiny? How can we chase our destinies and be who and what we are meant to become? Our June Adult Fiction boxes focus on this idea through characters and stories that have some kind of destiny. We hope that this box inspires you to find what yours might be!

Exiled by her brother, our princess protagonist spends her days dreaming about vengeance. She is trapped in a ruined cliffside temple that was once upon a time revered as a site of magical deathless waters. Our other protagonist is trying to uncover dark secrets while posing as a servant to the regents household. When the princess witnesses the servant's true nature, their destinies become tangled. Together, they may set the empire ablaze.
Fans of The Poppy War, City of Brass, and The Tiger's Daughter will love this book! 

The Song of Achilles, One Last Stop, Gideon the Ninth, Peter Darling, An Unkindness of Ghosts & MORE TBA!

Welcome to SUMMER! This box is so jam-packed we just placed an order for larger boxes...!
This month will feature FIVE products never before featured in any Unplugged Box! There is also a fun, usable novelty item that you're going to be able to use all summer long. Some of these products are so unique, we hadn't known they existed until we stumbled upon them and realized they were something we never knew we needed. There will be products to keep you feeling nice and cool all summer long, self-care to keep you refreshed, and goodies to take with you on the go!ality. Strength is something we all have, but sometimes need help with embracing. Whether we're forced to be strong for ourselves or our loved ones, it is always good to have positive inspiration. This box will focus on this idea with characters and books that show vitality. 

This month's book is by an acclaimed, New York Times and USA Today bestseller. This author is incredible with words with high ratings on all previous books as well as this new release.
Three very different women answer the call to break military codes along with some of the best minds. One, a beautiful and vivacious woman who has everything wants to prove herself as more than a society girl and will use her knowledge in language to help. Another is a self-made woman with secrets that is working codebreaking machines. The last is a shy spinster with a brilliant mind for puzzles. War and loss may be enough to tear them apart.
Years later, a new mysterious letter brings the women back together to rekindle an old friendship to solve the code.

This month's fandoms include Nevernight, The Midnight Library, A Little Life, Anne of Green Gables, & MORE!

This month will include a high-quality novelty item you can use every day and has never been included in an adult box. There are also some brand-new self-care items, a small collectible, and new vendors!