Up-to-date Shipping info

 With many areas getting back to "normal," many ports and postal carriers are overwhelmed with backorders as a ripple effect from the pandemic. This impacts almost every eCommerce business around the world. We order all products well in advance, but occasionally, there are unforeseen delays. We will always be fully transparent and post information on current and future boxes as we have it. We will also e-mail and post on social media with important updates. Thank you for your understanding!

LAST UPDATED: September 27, 2021


October Boxes are ON TIME!

Young adult will ship first between October 3rd-4th

Adult Fiction Boxes will ship between October 5th-7th.


Horror boxes will ship in mid-October, between October 8th-13th. 


Little Nightmares Boxes will ship between October 15th-17th

Shop Items

-All shop orders will ship within 2 business days of purchase. While we will do our best to ship all shop orders immediately, we utilize USPS and Ascendia (for international packages excluding Canada), which have slower-than-usual shipment times as an ongoing result of the pandemic, international staffing shortages, and an increase in postal orders around the world.