Up-to-date Shipping info

With the current Omicron surge, we're seeing more delays than usual during the pandemic due to labor and staffing shortages. We are always as transparent as possible regarding our shipments and are ordering products extra early to assure timely deliveries; however, in the rare event of delays, please check here for the must up-to-date information.



February Boxes are currently on time OR delayed by 2-3 days.


We are waiting for one more item that is scheduled to deliver on or around February 3rd. This puts us on schedule to finish packing and shipping all YA boxes by February 8th; however, delays are very common this month so we will continue to monitor this final item in the event of a (MINOR) delay.


We are waiting on two items. One is scheduled to arrive by February 2nd. The other does not have an arrival date, but it has shipped and we expect it to arrive by February 1st. This puts us on schedule to ship all Adult boxes by February 4th. However, with the Covid-19 omicron surge, labor shortages have been causing postal delays. We will continue to monitor these shipments and update you in the event of a (MINOR) delay.

Cozy Winter Boxes

Cozy Winter Boxes are waiting on 2 items. One is scheduled to clear customs by January 27th and then ship to us. We do expect both of these items to arrive between January 31st-February 5th. As of now, we're planning to pack and ship these either before the Adult Fiction Boxes or AFTER the Adult fiction Boxes, depending on when these final items arrive. Regardless, we expect to ship them between February 3rd-February 11th.

March Boxes

Our March Boxes are currently on time; but we are continuing to monitor shipment progress due to the unprecendented global delays due to the Omicron surge.