How We Became Unplugged Book Box

Unplugged Book Box was born from 20+ years of friendship strengthened by a shared love of books and writing. 

Melanie and Sarah met in elementary school. They had a quirky and creative introduction in third grade, meeting via a fun, class-to-class, anonymous pen pal activity where Sarah went by the pseudonym “Angel” and Melanie used “Lemon.” (Don’t ask why, they don’t know). The first thing Melanie asked Sarah? “How many clocks are in your house?” The rest is history. 

Their early friendship was comprised of story-telling and near-constant creation. From quirky home-movies (which are far too embarrassing to ever share) to partnered writing projects to academic assignments from high school through University, they have always worked well together and have dreamed of doing some kind of project involving books that would benefit others.

In addition to their love of literature, Melanie and Sarah believe mental health and self-care are essential for a sound mind and happy life. With these passions in mind, they set out to create something that would benefit the book community that they loved so much in a way that would be convenient and fun. 

Unplugged Book Box was an idea generated in early 2018; but was really set into gear by June of 2018 when Melanie and Sarah began Sirius (you see what we did there?) discussion on how to make it happen. After extensive research, many meetings, creative thinking, endless e-mails and phone calls, they launched sales for their debut box on August 1, 2018. 

They are so thrilled to have created this box together to give back to the book community in a way that embodies their values of self-care, reading, unplugging, supporting small businesses, and supporting authors (they are both writers who really value the creative artistry of others’ storytelling). 

Melanie is a Ravenclaw that loves dogs (really, she cries about them more often than she’s willing to admit). Sarah is a Slytherin that enjoys cats and spending time in a convenience store. (Shoutout to Buttonwoods One Stop!) Both of them are currently working on editing their debut novels and love writing every opportunity they get. 

Bandit, the youngest member of Unplugged Book Box (born in 2015), has been a constant source of support. He is the designated hype man. This dog loves boxes. Beau, a contributor and researcher for Unplugged Book Box, makes sure to find the best and most comfortable boxes (after you take out the goods !) for your cat’s enjoyment.

Unplugged Book Box hopes that they can help you achieve a sense of inner peace in every box.